#KOT-131 - Purchase Manager

Purchase Manager - Real Estate Background



Purchasing Manager Job Responsibilities: Develops a purchasing strategy. Reviews and processes purchase orders. Manages other members of the purchasing team. Maintains records of goods ordered and received. Negotiates prices and contracts with suppliers. Builds and maintains relationships with vendors. Selects prospective vendors and negotiates contracts. Evaluates vendors based on quality, timeliness, and price. Schedules deliveries and ensures timely fulfillment of orders. Researches and evaluates vendors to compare pricing and services. Coordinates with fellow managers to monitor inventory and determine supply needs. Ensures quality of procured items and addresses problems when they arise. Keeps up with trends in procurement. Travels to vendor locations. Purchasing Manager Qualifications/Skills: Excellent organizational skills. Effective communication skills. Negotiation skills. Research and analytical skills. Interpersonal skills. Attention to detail. Education, Experience, & Licensing Requirements: Bachelor’s degree. Degree in supply chain management, logistics, or business administration preferred. 2-3 years’ experience as a purchasing manager. Experience using procurement software and databases. Supervisory experience.

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